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Exclamation Religious Discussion Guidelines

Religion has been formulated almost from the beginning of human civilizations. Religions permeate societies and cultures, in various forms. One thing that all religions share is that it is based upon "faith." The Religious Forums are to discuss, analyze and critique these religions, their doctrines and their impact within society. The goal is for scholarly discussions as opposed to conjecture. This shall be achieved in the following manner:

1. Conduct - ToU 11 (7) "not to goad, harass, insult, flame, spam, or invade the privacy of any the owners or any other registered member of this board;" ToU 11 (8) "not to restrict, interfere or inhibit any other member from using FR or FRDB;" and ToU (9) "not derail threads or detract from board discussions." Baseless conjecture in the History of Abrahamic Religions Forum and History of Non Abrahamic Religions Forum will not be tolerated and will be considered flaming. A thread will be started for "Questions & Answers."

2. Discussions - To be informed on the topic that they are discussing, or in the case of seeking information, to be prudent when receiving information. Members should cite their information from peer reviewed literature or sources which are accepted by academics in the field, and quote mining and plagiarism will not be tolerated.

3. Debates - Debates concerning information can occur, but it is encouraged that debates be taken to the Debate Forums. Moderators may request this, and where participants refuse, the thread may be locked and any further attempt by participants to resurrect the discussion may be considered "flaming" or "spamming" and will be dealt with accordingly.

4. ToU - The guidelines do not supercede the ToU.

5. Moderation - Moderation shall be objective at all times, and any actions taken will be in consultation with other moderators of that forum. Moderators will act unilaterally in extreme cases, such as spamming or flaming.
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