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Default The King James Bible

Adam Nicolson has written a lovely book about the translation of the bible and the politics and society that produced it.

It's a stunningly good read and great fun.

BTW it appears to have two alternative titles: God's Secretaries and Power and Glory, but I think it's the same book.
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Thanks, DMB, for the recommendation...

I noticed it at the bookstore the last time I was in, and lusted quietly over it. But it was relatively expensive and I had another agenda at the time.

I shall have to obtain it. <sigh> After all, it fits into _two_ of my interests, the development of Christian dogma and 17th Century England.

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Old 08-17-2003, 07:41 AM   #3
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Godfrey: I got a softback version from this book club.

I imagine that there are similar deals in elsewhere. This book club is great because you are under no obligation to take any books at all. They offer softback versions of hardback books at the time of publication, so you don't have to wait a year before they come out in paperback and you get the full-sized format.
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That sure was simple, clicked on your URL and bought the book!

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