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Welcome, Peter Kirby.
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Default The Heisenberg Universe?

Very interesting:


"There isn't a precise instant underlying an object's
motion," he said. "And as its position is constantly
changing over time -- and as such, never determined --
it also doesn't have a determined position at any time."

Heisenberg uncertainty:

DxDp >= hbar/2

As the mean temperature of the universe continues to
approach absolute zero, could the universe transform
into a condition analogous to a "Bose Einstein condensate"?

Then it would start the process again?

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Hi Chimp,

An interesting view of time, and one that seems intuitively correct to me. It also contains ideas similar to another thread on HUP, which I started here.
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Thanks spacer 1.


Mottola and Mazur continue to refine their theory and are working on a concept behind rotating Gravastars. They even suggest that the universe we now know and live in may be the interior of a Gravastar.

An open universe of infinite space-time radius, is equivalent to a closed, finite, space-time compression universe. There are as many fractions from zero to one as there are natural numbers from zero to infinity.

Space-time is a quantity that is analogous to homogeneously distributed probability density gradients(a perfect fluid?) , giving the observed thermodynamic arrow of time. The observed cosmic expansion is a "relative" one! A "perspective effect" from our local vantage point. A shrinking object gives the illusion of receding motion. Increasing *refractive* density gradients give the appearence of a doppler-red-shift. Space increases density as matter is re-sized.

Space "density" continually increases as a function of time. Analogous to being inside a black hole, yet we do not feel the crushing force, because our atoms are shrinking in correspondence to the increasing density of space-time. We are, after all, made OF space-time.

Spacetime then "remembers" the input! A quantum measurement is made, the action principle demands the shortest distance between two points be taken, whatever that may be. There is no instantaneous action at a distance.

Total space-time energy is given by the Einstein-Pythagorean equation:

E^2 = {mc^2}^2 + {pc}^2

Space is at right angles to time:


The thermodynamic arrow of time, points in the direction of continually increasing space-time density. Increasing density gradients. It is a ratio adaption:

{S/T}_n = {S/T}_n+1

S and T are reducing in tandem, such, that their ratio remains a constant c, for the velocity of a photon of light.


Energy compresses{resists} space and dilates{stretches} time.
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