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Post Why do some churches ignore controversial teachings of the Bible?

I have not been in this forum for that long, at risk of being redundant, I will ask this question anyway,
Why do some churches ignore controversial teachings of the Bible?

> Speaking in tongues
>Baptism for the dead
>Women to wear head coverings and to remain silent
>Poverty in order to follow Jesus (Luke 14:33)
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I would have to say the single biggest reason is many of the contreversial "teachings" would not allow them to attract new members thereby depriving them of increased income.

The Catholic church is a model for this. They have tempered their message repeatedly over the last 150 years. They continue to alter the message that has been handed down for the past 700 years.

This knife cuts both ways however. The insurgence of Protestant chuches taking an increasingly hardline approach to message and content is troubling. Many people turn to this form of Xianity to justify personal prejudice and bigotry. Whether they have a problem with society as a whole or just certain segments like femeinism or homosexuality they can find comfort in Gods wilingness to condemn those unlike themselves.

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