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Post Bible History - Please help

I remember quite some time ago (15 - 20 years or so) reading that much of the English Bible was written by William Tyndale for political purposes (ie the translations were not literal but had appropriate amounts of spin added)

I have recently mentioned this to someone, who has retaliated with "not true - give your reference?" Trouble is - what I thought was the reference isn't and I can't think were else I might have seen this.

I've tried to search the web but, you guessed, all the sites are so pro-Tyndale that they only just stop short of refering to him as god's second son.

To read these sites one would assume that everything written before the 1500's was fiction designed to keep god for the chosen few.

I would be grateful if someone could point me in the direction of resources or perhaps make suggestions as to what my original source might have been.

Many thanks

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Jan, that is a very interesting question.
I have information on Tyndale but I cannot
find it. I went to and read a
little. Are you sure you are not thinking
about William Whiston? Someone translated
the Works of Josephus before he did but whoever did this translation added Spin?. Whiston's translation became
the accepted. Whiston also did work on the
New Testament. This is going to drive
me crazy.

thanks, offa

I edited because I spelled Tyndale wrong
(twice,and now I'm really confused, LOL).

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Originally posted by JanG:
<STRONG>Bible History</STRONG>
Sorry, the two terms are mutually exclusive.
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I think you should check out the history of the translation of the King James at Daniel Wallace's site. Wallace is a conservative evangelical and a translation specialist. The very first article listed will help you understand Tyndale's role in creating the King James Version.

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has another history --slanted and therefore fun -- as does the Encyclopedia Britannica -- -- always a useful reference. A google search under "History of the English Bible" will uncover a number of useful sites.


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