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Post Finding online Jewish scriptural commentary

Can you refer me to any websites with rabbinic commentary and even apologetical material on the nevi'im? I'm looking to study the traditional Jewish perspectives on various messianic and eschatological prophetic passages, such as Isaiah 53, Joel 2&3 Jeremiah 31:31, etc, and in particular am seeking to understand the core differences between the Jewish and Christian perspectives. Are there any sites that are comprehensive yet straight-to-the-point in such commentary? If it need be said, I will not be posting any proselytizing messages of any kind at any of the sites you may refer me to. I'm just looking to really understand the Jewish perspective for myself. Thank you!

Stephen Blake
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Hi Ashley

You might want to take a look at the following sites:

Judaism 101
This is an excellent site, and presents a good range of traditional Jewish views.

Jews For Judaism
This site is dedicated to anti-Christian missionary work, and will give you a very good insight into how the more orthodox Jews view Christianity as a whole. It includes a discussion forum, and links to email addresses for Rabbis allowing you to ask specific questions. Obviously Christians or atheists that attack Judaism or try to preach to these people will not be very welcome. Personally, I have found the members here to be extremely helpful and responsive to respectful questions from non-Jews about their faith. Please note that this group is not interested in doing missions to non-Jews. Their stated purpose is to return Jews who have converted to Christianity or Islam or some other faith back to Judaism.
This group is the arch-rivals to the Jews for Judaism, and gives you some insights into the Jewish Christian perspective (or Messianic Jews as they prefer to call themselves). They are also connected with Jews For Jesus. The latter group does mission work to Jews, and is even more hated by the Jews for Jesus organization. The reason I offer both sites is to give you two radically different perspectives.

The Institute for Christian and Jewish Studies (ICJS)
This site is dedicated to promoting cooperation and understanding between Christians and Jews, and links to numerous rabbis, Christian ministers, and articles by members of both faiths.

I hope that this can help you find the kinds of information that you are looking for.



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