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Post How Many Diseases Did Adam Have?

If there is no evolution, and presuming God is not still frigging about creating new bits and pieces, then Adam must have originally been the sole recipient of the pantheon of human diseases which cannot exist outside our nice warm bodily environment. Is there anyone out there sufficiently informed as to be able put a number on how many diseases this would be? It must certainly be a record. If we could only find his body and replicate his DNA just think what a boon to medical science it would be.

I would especially like to know your opinion on who you think gave whom the clap first. My money is on Eve giving it to Adam first, or maybe they both had it from the start.

PS - If Adam was the image of God then God too must have been a bit of a cesspit himself. It's strange to think of him with halitosis, but it certainly fits with the bearded man image don't you think?

Boro Nut

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