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Post Galilee and Nazareth

I received the following email.


What are your sources/references for the following quote
from one of your posts in

"You are right that Jesus of Nazareth never existed, that
is, if you are referring to the Nazareth adjoining to the
sea of Galilee. The location of Galilee in the gospels is
a pseudo location."

My answer to that question is, first and foremost, I write
my own stuff. I have numerous sources taken from The
Works of Josephus
. I am wary of cutting and pasting
my sources because of a statement in the book that says,
"No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any
manner whatsoever without prior permission from the
The problem with Josephus is that you
need to read several paragraphs in order to understand
exactly what he is talking about. I bought a hardcover
of "Works" using

In Antiquities, chapter 11-2 Josephus tells about
the other Strato's Tower. He tells us, just one
time in the voluminous Works that the Essenes used
pseudo-names for locations. What he does not tell you
is that he already had been using pseudo-names throughout
his Antiquities. It becomes quite obvious that
he does that with Tyre because he mentions other locations
for Tyre. Using logic you will realize that any ruler of
Tyre will be called "Hiram".

In Antiquities, chapter 1-3 Josephus tells about
the Geon river running through Egypt and that the Greeks
call this river the Nile. What Josephus is doing is talking
about "two Egypts". Josephus' contemporaries with knowledge
of the Essene writing style know that he is talking about
two Egypts but those without this knowledge will be duped
into thinking that the Nile and the Geon are the same river.

The beginning of 14-9 tells about Antipator giving his son
Herod (future king Herod the Great) the governorship of
Galilee. Those without knowledge are duped into believing
that this Galilee is the location of the Lake Galilee
well north of Judea. It is not. This Galilee is the area
along the northwest corner of the Dead Sea. Herod purges
Galilee of a band of robbers and is beloved by the Syrians
which tells you that Syria is also local to Jerusalem as
is this Galilee (Qumran). In 14-15 Josephus tells the wary
reader about the caves and the abrupt precipices located
in Galilee. These are the caves cut in the cliffs alongside
the Dead Sea. It even becomes obvious that his Jordan river
is actually the wady Kidron.

thanks, offa

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Staggering, offa -- just staggering.

PS: a word of warning, cuting and pasting is still reproduction of that work -- it falls under the "in part" part.

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