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Lightbulb Christ was really Satan attempting to "decieve" the world. Christ = Satan

If I were assigned to be the "accuser" of the World and God, and I was also labeled as the Great Deciever, I would have the ultimate plan to draw adherents away from God and ultimately draw them to myself.

I would materialize as the "Son of God" possibly having never been born of the Flesh. My name would be Jesus, and I would make sure that my birth, or lack thereof would coincide nicely with miscellaneous prophecies of the bible.

I would speak the Truth, just as the Serpent did in the Garden, and I would perform many miracles. After all, Earth is my realm.

I would talk with peaceful language, but at the same time I would offer everlasting life by simply "believing" in me. I would speak with adherents of the Old Testament Law and tell them that they are being too strict. They would argue with me and attempt to stone me.

I would speak with carefully drawn out semantics and parables that would lead people to assume that I was God. When they asked me if I was God, or the Son of him, I would say "you say that I am".

I would tell others that I had met with Satan, that he offered me everything, and I had refused.

The people of God, who by the way, were doing what God had told them to do in the OT, would be exceptionally mad at me for claiming that I was "from" the Father, when it is so obvious that I am at odds with his OT instructions of Leviticus, Deuteronomy, etc.

Oh yes, I would quote scripture and talk of men loving one another.

I would be killed. I would probably be crucified or something equally as horrible because I had offended so many avid fans of the True OT God.

After they had "killed" my material body, I would then return in a little while, and be in "spirit" form (I am after all an angel, this is not hard) even though it is totally contradictory to Ecclesiastes in the Bible. I would tell my followers to believe in me. I would be kind and Gentle, so as to appeal to their sympathetic side.

And boy, would they believe me.

After so many years of not seeing a smidgen of GODLY miracles, my miracles and faked resurrection would make a believer out of the most staunch unbeliever.

Man would write about me, and surely they would "puff up" what I had done, and in most cases screw up the details, but then again, they are fallible aren't they?

Oh yes, I would tell them that all they would have to do is ask of things in my name, and to end each prayer with In Jesus' name, Ah men.

Can you imagine if you were God, and everytime someone prayed or talked of you, they instead pleaded to Satan?!? Now adays, it is nothing but Jesus this and Jesus that. Everyone has forgotten about God him/herself.

I guess I would have easily pulled it off!

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