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Post Six days of Creation are true

Is it possible that the will of G-d became manifest during six days of creation? And everything that was created had to have a natural cause, so whole pasts also were created simulatanoudsly. And that past would be real as the future, only that it was imperfect in the sense that it was created simultaneously with what was created by the will of G-d. The past itself was created, not just for us to dig up, but so that each species should have a balanced environment. If there would not be this created past, then there not be consistancy in nature, for the first man would look at soil the first day and it would have no humus but on the second day it would. we would see 6,000 years of past and then suddenly the record would disappear. Nature would be chaotic.
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Yeah, or else the historical record actually did occur naturally and was never created by supernatural means. That's a real puzzler.
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Assume God did create the earth in six days and was generous enough to supply enough dirt, water, air, etc. for the biosphere to be self-sustaining. Underneath that he also supplied us with thousands of feet of sedimentary layers full of billions of fossils which he made to appear much older than 6000 years for us to "dig up". Not to mention the many other geologic and astronomical indications of an old earth and universe. None of these things in the appearance-of-old form are necessary to have a "balanced environment". He could just as easily made them to appear 6000 years old. Now, why would God want to fool us into thinking the universe is @15 billion years old, the earth is @4.5 billion years old, and life has inhabited earth for @3 billion years?
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