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Question Why two donkeys in MT 21.1-11?

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Jesus was obscenely fat. Ha ha ha. That's hilarious.

A more likely explanation is that the author of Matthew did not appreciate the parallelism in Zech 9:9. The Hebrew reads "hinei malkech yavo lakh tsadiq v'nosha hu ani v'rokhev al-khamor v'al ayir ben atonot" and the parallelism is between khamor and ayir. Most English translations read something like "behold, your king arrives; lowly and riding upon an ass, and upon a colt the foal of an ass." But in the Hebrew two distinct words for ass are used - khamor and ayir (three if you include aton). That there is parallelism at work is clear from the opening phrase of the verse, where "bat tsiyon" parallels "bat yerushalayim". The LXX does not always convey parallelism so clearly.

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