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Post Parallel to man's relatinship with god

In debating with Christians about the cruelty of sending people to hell for eternity, I always get the response "we are all sinners, and as such are not fit to be in the prescence of god. However, god has presented us with a means for salvation. One must merely accept christ to be freed of his sins, and his soul saved." To me, this seems like bizarre logic, yet there is no way to argue the point with most christians; they simply contend that's the way it is, and god is good regardless. So I came up with the following parallel:

Suppose I invent and produce a robot. As part of the robot's programming I include "sin." Then I say to the robot "you are a sinner, and are not worthy of my presence. Instead, you will be melted down and used to make tin cans." But then, in a stroke of benevolence, I say to the robot "well, okay. Here's the deal. Worship me, and I'll overlook all your horrible sins."

In the above example, it is clearly MY FAULT the robot sins. Therefore, how is it I am eternally forgiving by not destroying him because he sins?
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This will probably get better responses in MRD.
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