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Post 'Manustript Evidence' and Turtonm's lost essay

1.Some Christian I was speaking with made a lot of hype about 'Manuscript evidence'. Supposedly, the abundance and diversity of historical/ancient NT documents somehow supports their validity, since no other single document comes close to having so many, diverse, copies of itself. Since Christianity sets itself apart from other documents via being a nearly 2,000 year old, extremely popular religion who's followers are committed to embracing it and spreading it to as many people as possible, UNLIKE most other historical documents, it doesn't seem a big deal that there are so many NT documents, but what do the freethinking 'historians' here think? I am not a historian so I'd apreciate their opinions.

2.Whatever happened to Turtonm (Michael Turton)'s essay "The Christ of Daoist Alchemy"? I've checked, found it listed, but the screen basically comes up blank after its clicked on. Can anybody give a functioning link to it, and if not, could it be cut/copy/pasted to here?

Thanks for any and all help.

Cute Little Baby
Old 07-04-2001, 04:01 AM   #2
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I realize that I misspelled 'manuscript' in the title of this post. Sorry, ignore it, I'm a little wasted right now.

Back to the topic at hand; what about that Manuscript Evidence and Turtonm's lost essay?

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