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Post Genesis Chapter 1

KJV chapter 1 some creationists say God created the the universe in 6 24 hour periods.v5 And God called the light day,and the darkness he he called night.And the evening and the morning were the first day.
Not so if your'e living on the poles?
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I think the bible was intended to be a religion for Israel(Jews) and Israel only. All the views in there are in the views of Israel and knowledge of that era(The Earth will not move). To them at that time of writing, the world = Israel and its neighbours and the sun and moon revolved around the Earth. Later through conquest(Dark Ages), it spreaded like wild fire.. many feared hell and joined. (Read the story of "The River Between"?)

So I think Christianity is nothing more than just an olden days's Scientology.. no difference at all.
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