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Post Did Moses Exist?

Anyone want to take on that question?

A good place to start would be the URL

He suggests that Moses, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, and the Buddha have questionable historicity. Nomad's rebuttal to that argument was to compare the biography of Moses to Price's mythic-hero biography -- and his comparisons showed the literalness of a fundamentalist, such as saying that Moses was never a king and that he had not been raised in a foreign country.

However, Moses acted much like a king, being a leader and all that, and he was raised in what might as well have been a foreign country compared to where his parents had lived.

There are certain differences, however, such as Moses dying a natural death, and that profile fits Moses less closely than it does Jesus Christ.
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I'd throw my 2 cents in with the people like Freud who suspect that Moses was the Pharaoh Thothmosis, a monotheistic Tyrant who was chased out of Egypt with his followers for trying to force monotheism on Egypt. Much to the dismay of all the newly unemployed priests. From what I've read this was King Tut's dad & the reason Tut had so much treasure in his tomb was because he rehired all the priests & gave them back their old jobs, very grateful they were. Note the similarity between the description of the "Ark of the Covenant" and the many depictions of similar Arks on the walls of Egyptian temples. There is also a similarity between some of the psalms of the bible & prayers in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. (10 Commandments/24 Confessions to Osiris, very similar also, especially if you leave out the ones dealing with offering food to the gods)
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I'm afraid that Marduck is mixing up Thutmose and Akhnaton, the heretic Pharaoh, who worshipped a single god, the Sun.
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oops. I thought Thutmose was the 'Horus' name of Akhnaton. Pharaohs like Popes had a given name & a Pharaoh name. The Horus name was usually Ra or Thoth, like MenkeRA, The live Pharaoh was Horus, when he died he became Osiris. Actually Akhnaton was more of a politician than a heretic , He made Ra the one & only God to compete with growing cult of Atum, the one & only unseen God. Monotheism was becoming the rage, imagine someone mixing politics with religion.

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