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Post Contesting the Crucifixion Story

There cannot have been an earthquake at the time of Jesus' crucifixion as the crosses would have all fallen over. From that height Jesus would have landed on his face at about 70mph, and photographic evidence from the Cloud of Turin shows his nose to be entirely unblemished, if a little large.

John Wayne was never a serving member of the Roman Army, let alone a centurion, and therefore cannot have said 'Surely this man is the son of God' at all. Incidentally, he does appear elsewhere in the bible under his former name of Myrriam which he adopted for his Hollywood debut in Henry Ford's all time classic Wagontrain, which unfortunately was eminently forgettable. He was actually christened Sue, and records indicate he spent 15 of his formative years in San Crispin Jail, every inch of which he hated by all accounts. I would never stoop to criticising the dead, but in my opinion he was highly overrated.

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