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Post Did Jesus claim to be the Messiah?

I've heard it said that "Jesus never claimed to be the Messiah (and/or Son of God)".

How? It appears that he did:

Mark 14:61-62. Jesus answers "I am" when asked if he was the Christ and Son of God.

Matthew 26:63-64, he answers "It is as you say" to the above question

Matt 16:16-20, he doesn't deny it when Peter says he is

Luke 24:46-49, says the Christ (himself) will rise in 3 days. He also calls God "my father" (yes, I know he rose in 1.5 days...)

John 8:59: "before Abraham was born, I AM!"

John 10:24-33, Jesus replies "I did tell you" when he was asked if he was the Christ. He also claims to be God's son: "I and the father are one"

John 17:1-3 He claims to be the Son and Christ in a prayer to his Father.

I guess I want to know how Jesus never claimed to be the Christ/Son of God.


PS: resist the temptation to think I am baiting you as a troll. I genuinely want to know how he never claimed it, in light of verses that seem to indicate he does.
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We don't use the Bible as a history book but a book of myths, it's that easy.

Find me some creditable proof outside of the bible that claims Jesus said he was the son of god...
Old 04-20-2001, 02:39 AM   #3
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I was just wondering if there was anything internal. Or maybe if some verses were interpolations. Or maybe Matthew adding on to Mark, or John, decades later, really going at it.
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1.Jesus was baptized. The reason the Gosepel described this is probably because the original Jesus really was baptized and, not being able to ignore it, it was described but downplayed. Anywhoo, if Jesus was the son of God (and thus, presumably sinless), he would not have had to have been baptized because baptism was symbolic for the washing away of sin. Jesus had no sin to wash away...unless of course, he was not the Son of God.
2. Jesus frequently refers to himself as "The Son of Man". The OT referrences to this all indicate literally just a "son of Man" i.e. a normal human being. Nowhere is this described as the Son of God.
3.Since the Biblical description of the Son of God is contrary to that of the Gospel description of Jesus, Jesus therefore cannot be the "Son of God".
4.The concept of God having a "Son" is ridiculous. Why would he need someboy to assist him and help him out with stuff? Also, in 2,000 years, Christians still have not been able to figure out wether there are two Gods--Jesus and his father, God--or wether they are both one--Jesus was just an incarnation of God on earth--. Suffice to say, though, that God having a son makes no sense at all.

So, no, Jesus was not the Son of God.

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