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Post Bad Fruits

According to creationists, evolution has numerous "bad fruits", but this page has managed to find many of them in the Bible:

* Communism. Acts mentions that the early Christians had lived in communities with shared property, and that Ananias and Sapphira were zapped for not turning in their property, which seems Stalinist.

* Nazism. The early parts of the Bible describe what might best be described as "the Final Solution to the Canaanite Question".

* Imperialism. Plenty of conquests.

* Monopolism. I'm not sure if theological exclusivism counts.

* Humanism. The page quotes Ecclesiastes, which is rather fun. I'm surprising that the Fundies don't denounce Ecclesiastes as contributing to teen suicide.

* Amoralism. Not sure if Lot and his daughters are a good example.

* Racism. Ham and his son Canaan are cursed because Ham had been a Peeping Tom. The Ammonites and the Moabites are personae non gratae and are described as having an illegitimate origin (Lot's daughters getting their father to have sex with them).

* Pantheism. Belief in a God that is the soul of the Universe, found in Stoicism, Hinduism, etc. It might be difficult to cough that out of the Bible.

* Behaviorism. Not sure what might qualify as that in the Bible; the Bible is big on rewards and punishments, which might count.

* Materialism. Metaphysical materialism might be hard to find in the Bible, but one can find ethical materialism in various places

* Promiscuity. Fundies use this as a dirty word for getting more sex than them, it seems. The Bible has lots of polygamy, and those Midianite virgin girls were to be kept alive as Comfort Women, it would seem.

* Genocide. Lots of it in the earlier parts of the Bible.

* Slavery. The Bible is full of it.

* Abortion. In Numbers, there is a kind of pregnancy test given to a woman suspected of unfaithfulness; she is given some concoction which apparently causes abortion.

* Euthanasia. The page has a cute example of it.

* Chauvinism. The Bible is full of sexism, some of it very gross.

* Infanticide. It's fun to read Biblical support for baby killing.

* Homosexuality. Were David and Jonathan just good friends, or something more?

* Child Abuse. The page had a lot of punishment examples, Fundies would object that there is no such thing as excessive punishment :-)

* Drug Culture. Among the parts that celebrate the consumption of wine, there is the famous miracle in John where Jesus Christ turns water into wine.

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