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Question Extra-biblical Endorsement

In the errancy mailing group, Gleason Archer [GA] is oft referred to. Mainly page 23 (I don't have a copy of his book) in which there is reference to the essential necessity of the bible being unimpeachably correct in all things. For if an error be found in one detail, the possibility of other errors arises thereform.

But I'd heard that GA also made a similiarly dismissive reference to the need for extra-biblical sources to corroborate or explain some "apparent" inconsistency or error. On a similar bais: if the bible could not stand alone, but needed extra-biblical support or corroboration for enigmas therein, then the validity and value of the bible itself was consequently cast into question.

Does anyone have the text of this particular quote from GA's book, please? If so, could you please e-mail it to me?
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