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Post humanized christ

I get a charge out of the theists on this board regarding
my very human Jesus. Josephus gives us an example of the
12 year rule when he calls Herod 15 years old in 48 b.c.e
(or thereabouts) and then calls him about 70 in 4 b.c.e.
If Herod was born in 74 b.c.e then he would have been 26
years old in 48 b.c.e. (Herod became governor of Galilee
after Pompey departed from Judea and Pompey's death is
recorded as September 28, 48 b.c.e.) Herod was taught by
Menaham (an Essene) and thus was qualified to be a Child.
An Essene becomes a 1 year old Child when he celebrates his
bar mitzvah.
My humanizing Christ makes both the gospels of Matthew
and the gospel of Luke accurate and thus not irreconcilable.
I am a believer that the gospels tell the truth if you
understand the message. The 12 year old Jesus left behind
by his parents in Jerusalem was actually 23 years old and
was going through a sort of "bar examination" back in A.D. 17.
Today our college graduates are about 23 when they graduate
and, in this case, Jesus has about 10 more years before he
reaches his Phd status of full blown priest.
Barbara Thiering writes that Jesus wrote (dictated, being
unable to write because of his permanently injured hands)
the Book of John. The apologists have to get John moved
to the last book written instead of the first, of course, our
resident theists do not realize this. John was written first
and edited last. All four gospels and the book of Acts
were finished while Jesus was still alive. Like I said before,
Jesus was the Word of God and each time the Word
of God multiplied Jesus had another son. (of course, if Jesus
wasn't a spook, just like his daddy Cleophas, these gospels
would have been disregarded centuries ago).
You may say I am out of bounds or in left field, but I sure
as hell recognize the fact the Josephus wrote that this census
occurred 31 years after Actium. At the same time Herod's son
and successor (Archelaus, the ten ears of corn) was dismissed,
ten years after Herod's death, in A.D. 6, the same year as the
census. A.D. 6 was a big year and it was in that year Jesus
celebrated his bar mitzvah.
Our history books have been written and edited by theists,
our laws (one nation under god) have been dictated by theists.
Our libraries and our internet are scrutinized by theists. In my
opinion this board is for infidels and that is why We Infidels
write here

thanks, offa


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