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Post Worthy of scrutiny ???

And Jesus said........

These words have been given to me as I have wandered in the wilderness for many years, so that I may learn the wisdom of the Nazarene's, the Brotherhood Of Light.

Words that have been spoken one to another for many thousand years, and passed down to me, and to you, and to he who comes after me. And to those who come before me in The Brotherhood, so that I might know my purpose and the purpose of men upon the earth, and so that I might know the minds of men.

And I shall pass on the prophecy and I shall prophesy unto you so you might hear me, and he who comes after me.

And I, Joshua Ben Miriam, who is known and will be known, as Jesus Christ the anointed one, sayeth unto Peter and unto John, in the deepness of their sleep that I have brought upon them. "Write these words that I speak into your minds, before the eyes of man where he will not be able to see them, and will be hidden from man lest he shall make abuse of them in his final time of testing. Give to him that comes after me, whose number will be ten, the six keys and six Seals as I have instructed thee.

Only he that comes after me shall possess the Seventh key and the Seventh Seal for he shall be the Seventh Sign to come among you. He whose number according to that Prophecy and my Prophecy will be ten.

And he shall bear the mark of my last agony in his right side, and his Sign will be seen in the sky as was mine and that of Moses, and of those who have gone before me in this purpose. For he shall be wise and be ready close to the end of days, for he shall be the Seventh Sign and the last to come before men.

And unto he who is the Seventh Sign these things shall be commanded of him. At the opening of his Seal, Seven crosses shall there be in his hand's to remind him if his duty to man, and to remind him of his obligation to me, and to those who have suffered and gone before at the hands of men.

And he shall be schooled in the meaning of the seven obligations.
And I know of the labour and the work that he must commit to his purpose, and of the patience he must possess to bear the pain and the shame that man will pour upon his head. For he will cause threat to those who say that they are my apostles and faithful followers of my word, and are not. And he will make men know that they be liars, and they will question all that he says and twist what he says and make little of him.

And he will be told that he must not weaken in his purpose ten times. Even those who have fallen and repented will attack him in their fear, and shall bear false witness against him even to his own blood.

He shall be seen to abandon his first love. And all he has held dear shall he abandon six times. And he shall sicken, and he shall sacrifice all he holds dear in his service unto man.

And all of you who shall heed him and follow in his purpose, must first change your way and put aside all malice and evil thought. For you to do less is to snuff out the light of all the seven lights, liken unto blowing out the candles of their purpose.

Let all you who have ears listen, and all you who have mouths spread his word as it is spoken unto you. For all you who visit upon him will be saved in the paradise he will found for the chosen, to build and keep as he instructs forever, and the end of their days shall never come upon the earth or beyond the earth.

These things must be done by all men of all races and differences, as their differences must be put aside as they are without meaning, on the word of the first and the last to come after me. Man must make sacrifice in order to gain Paradise.

And be you prepared to suffer slight from those who will bear false witness against you in the protection of their stations. These evil ones will find you guilty as they will find him, but the judgements will be false and the pain of them none the less for their falseness.

And the hypocrites will mock and scourge you and make you all to look like fools. They will defame you and he who comes in order to make men look away from him and those who follow him, lest they be shown in their own light to be false and unworthy of their position.

He who has an ear listen unto him and overcome, lest the end of days shall come again to you for the last time and you are lost. Listen unto his words, as his tongue will be as if it has two edges, and men will make play of his every word and yet hear him not. For they will show no reason. But his tongue will speak words that are sharper than the sharpest sword to the minds of those who are of good will.

I know the workings of your minds. Beware you of evil intent, you will not prevail over him of this. I promise and do swear. Beware how you be.

I know the beasts that you are and you will reap the harvest of your wickedness, even though you will say that your evil be done in my name. And only he will keep good faith with me. And should he be slain among you, you will all perish. Harm not this lamb, as he is the last to come, and you will stand condemned by your own actions and there will be no forgiveness.

I have many things against you and upon the attempt of men to slay me. I will forgive you of them, though I know that you will not repent nor will you change your evil ways, and I will live beyond that slaying.

And because you learn not, this I will hold against you. For you will make idols of those who abominate the meanings of life in their fornications. And those who honour them near the end of days though they be kings and rulers of men shall be destroyed, and all their blood shall be destroyed from the face of the earth, and their very names shall be cursed. For man shall not lie with man nor shall woman lie with woman, but near the end of days men shall be less than the beasts of the field, and they shall spread disease in their perversion, and you will surely die.

Turn your backs upon such as they, no matter how exalted they be, or the end of days will be quickened. He who comes after me shall fight them with his mouth and they will hate him for he speaks the truth and they shall know it. Listen all you who will be saved, hear him with your hearts and minds, for he shall feed your needs,

At the ending of days many shall come unto him but few will he take unto himself. He will shine among you for a million generations and more. Like a white stone in the darkness of night. And in his heart shall be written that which no man knoweth save he who comes after me. Who shall receive it from me, and from the brotherhood, who shall survive in secret because of the sacrifice of those who keep faith with me, and with those who have gone before me.

Spread you this word throughout the earth and beyond the earth, so that the very air shall carry it to all mankind in every tongue. I know the workings of your minds. I know of your charity and your lack of it. I know of your good faith and of your lack of it. I know of your patience and your fear.

Be assured the last will be more than the first, for man will see the coming of the end of his days and his fear shall make cause for him to reason, though many will not till the time is gone for his salvation. I shall hold it against you that you will follow false prophets who seduce you to follow wrongful ways. To fornicate one with another and not know of each other. To take into yourselves things which will confuse your minds and abominate your bodies. And I curse all those who encourage you in these evil ways.

Cursed shall be all publicans, as they shall know what they do. Double shall I curse such men who also claim my name, and seek my assistance in their purpose.

I have given you time by my coming to change your ways, but you will not till death breathes upon you. And you will listen to false priests who will tell you to repent and all will be forgiven, but they lie and it will not be so. And I curse them above all for they know more.

You will all be killed unto death for your evil ways. For I am he who searches your hearts, and he who cometh will search your minds. And unto each will be given that which is earned.

And those who follow he who shall come in good faith, even those who have known the depths of their own natures and answered the will of the beast, I shall consider you cleansed and place no other burden upon you, so long as you hold yourself in the goodness of that faith and follow in the light of his wisdom which is delivered upon him for all time.

And to he who shall overcome, shall be given the power over the nations of the earth and beyond the earth. And man will rule himself with a rod of iron for his own sake, for he must not wander from the path of life for beyond it lies only death. And he shall wear the star as his symbol, and a circle so that he shall be reminded of his burdens.

He that has ears listen unto me for thine own sake, and for the sake of your children to come.

And I ask of he that is to follow after me, to look unto he who sits among the seven hills. For he shall know that you are the Seventh Sign, and the Seventh spirit of the way of man. And command him to cease. For I know his works, and I know that he will have a name for which he lives, though he be as if dead. For there shall be blood upon his hands.

Be thou watchful of him, and bid him again cease, for I take offence at that which he carries out for his own glory sake. And he shall ask of you proof. Give none unto him. For he seeks only clever argument by which he shall hope to overcome you and overcome me in his wickedness. For he is the king only of cunning and of hypocrisy.

Be mindful that you have been told of my word, which I command of Peter and of John, that whichever of them shall live shall hide these things before the altars of men, before their eyes where they cannot see it. As I instruct them so I instruct thee, to hold fast.

Tell he that sits among the seven hills that he knows not when death shall come upon him, as he shall be damned by his own utterances. And I twice damn him for the evil that he says and does as he shall know better of it, as he and those of his kind who have gone before have always done.

After I shall go into Jerusalem to lay claim unto my kingdom, I shall be betrayed. And my betrayer shall know of the consequences of that which he does but will not accept that they be so, and will hang himself out of his fear when he shall know of the truth of it.

No man shall live who shall offend against a "Caulbearer". And he who shall offend against a "High Caulbearer" shall he be damned to the last of his blood.

And those who shall sit among the seven hills shall raise themselves up a false prophet, and claim him Messiah in my stead, as he will be a man of war and much feared.

They who sit among the seven hills will deny me. And later they will draw me in lots, for power over the kingdom that is mine and yours, so be watchful as that which they have done unto me shall they attempt unto you,

Their mark until your time shall be a mark of lies and evil that is even beyond the bounds of all beasts. And power at all price, their only goal. They shall proclaim goodness as they do the utmost evil and all that they are, is, and for ever shall be evil. Cursed be they for they will do much in my name and know what they do.

I shall defeat the design of those who would destroy me and I shall live in a far land that has been designed to my ending, and know peace there and knowledge. And I shall be beyond the eyes of those who hate me and would kill me.

Oh Lamb, I pity thee, for thy road is long and full of sorrows, for they will also try to kill thee from thy purpose.

Cursed are all that shall sit among the seven hills, as their evil knows no bounds. They have no honour nor have they any kindness in their beings. They shall create many trees of shame for men, behind which they will hide their own shame so that men will not see it. He who sits among the seven hills, and others of his design through the world shall know no shame as they shall only know of their power over the world and care not of else.

In the time of you the last to come one such shall rise by even the foulest of means. He shall plot with others who profess his righteousness and do murder. They shall kill a goodly man and steal from him even unto his name. And the murderer shall be named after him. Cursed be they. For they know the evil they do cannot be to good purpose, nor can such a thing be forgiven.

And he who will live after me and write my words, shall write it down so all men can know of it, and dare to accuse he who sits among the seven hills. For he and those who go before him be steeped in murder and in the blood of the innocent. Flames shall not cleanse, nor shall water purify.

He who shall come after me shall name some names of those that have not spoiled the purpose, nor spread their filth upon the air. These goodly ones shall obey his every word and advise him in matters, and be worthy of him and of me.

He that cometh shall clothe himself in black as he will be instructed as a boy.
And his priests shall clothe in black, and show white in honour of the purity of the seven Signs. And they will blot out the names of those who have ruled over the spirit of men for their own benefit, and for their own glory. All their names and the names of those who shall have given their lives in their cause shall have their names removed from the Book of Life.

He that hat an ear let him hear my words as I speak them, and listen to the words of the Sixth Sign, and of the words of those who have gone before me, and he who shall come after me for thin own sake.

And he that has an ear, hear what shall be told unto you for as you hear the changing of ways, the coming of paradise is close at hand. And serve he that is true, as he shall hold the final key to open thine eyes. And henceforth let no man shutteth his fellow man into darkness, and let only he that comes after me, alone open your darkness for you.

Oh man, I know your ways, and before you is set an open door, and no man shall shut it except at his own peril. And for you who have kept my word, and have not strength, fear not, as he who comes after me shall be that strength and they shall not be denied their right.

And the word I give you shall be kept. And to he who shall come after me I say, that those who worship the beast and the ways of the beast, shall bend their knee to you and I shall make them honour you. And they and all man shall know that I shall love the all the days of your life.

And I say unto him that comes after me, I know you and the workings of your mind, and I know that men will have caused you to fear by the time of the beginning of the ending of days has come upon you. As the beast only knows of fear, and does not understand love for he possess it not.

Because you will keep good faith with me through many trials, and times of great pain that you must suffer, my words will come quickly unto you and no man shall take from you your crown. For we of the Seven Signs are Kings above all Kings by the very right of our birth. And we that are the Seven Signs are the High Lords Of The Veil, and all who are born behind the veil are Lords Of The Veil.......

......The children of my heart shall turn their backs upon me, though I have given them the nourishment of wisdom with my blood, yet shall they rebel against me. Even the ass knows his master's voice. Yet shall men do evil against me and against he who shall follow me.

You are all evil and corrupters, and go backwards to your own destruction. You shall revolt more and more, because your hearts are of evil and your heads are sick. Such wounds and bruises cannot be bound and shall putrefy, for there is no salve or ointment for them.

You lay the very land that sustains you desolate, and you burn your cities with fire. You shall be overthrown by strangers from far lands, who shall scorch the very earth, and bring disease unto you. And you will be devoured in your own presence, and then shall you cry unto me and unto he who comes after me.

Your daughter shall drink wine and lie with strangers, and she shall be besieged with her own corruption.

Men shall perform sodomy with small children and say it be good. And so shall innocence be sacrificed upon the alters of the damned. Yet you shall do nothing to save your children except make excuse for the defilers.

I shall delight not in the blood of the innocent and I shall curse you to the end of your days. And the iniquities shall live on in your blood. So also shall I most curse them also, for there shall be no more forgiveness for man, and he shall know justice unto himself and unto his blood that follows in his way.

Call you no more assemblies before me or of he who comes after me. We want not your vanity at the coming of the new moons or Sabbaths. I want not your abominations or your iniquities, though your assemblies be solemn. My soul hateth your Sabbaths and your appointed feasts, even that which you shall rise to mark my birth. And why should you do this? You know that I be a Lamb. I am weary of them and of you for it is all a trouble unto me.

Your hands are full of blood, and none more than the hands of your masters that you bow before and giver honour to. Wash yourselves in the rivers if your rivers be clean, as you cannot be cleansed in foul water.

Though you make many prayers there is none to hear you.

Cease to do that which is evil, especially in my name or in the names of the Seven High Lords Of The Veil. Cease your evil doings before mine eyes. Turn your course and seek to do instead good things for the earth that supports you and for your brethren.

Assist you the fatherless and be you of assistance to the widow and bring her into your house. But lay not your hand upon her less you shall marry with her, and she and your wives be content with it.

Listen to him who cometh after me, and gain reason from him. He shall show you the way. If you obey he who comes after me you shall eat good of the land that is beneath your feet. But though it is, consider it far above your head and honour it to the last speck of dust. Show to him your obedience, and if you rebel, he shall slay you in my name and with my blessings to him, and my curse shall be laid upon your blood forever.

How have you become perverts and your wives and daughters as harlots, and your sons murderers, and make companions of thieves? And it shall be so.

I know you and I know your minds, you takers of gifts and givers of nothing. I say unto you, though it be two thousand years and two thousand more I will avenge he who comes after me of his enemies. This is my word. I will lay my anger upon thee, and my hand shall be against thee.

You shall follow him in good faith though he shall believe it not as he will be much distressed in you and trust you not. And I shall bid him to set up councillors as I have instructed and you will obey. And then shall the seven churches be called righteous.

And he and his appointed shall convert you, and shall bring about the destruction of wrongdoers and of fornicators. And those who forsake him and his, shall be consumed and their blood shall be consumed for ever and for ever upon the face of the earth.

Shame shall you bring upon those who lie man with man, and you shall make of them eunuchs, and bind them in slavery for their lives. For they shall be less than any beast of burden in the fields, and thus shall they toil and earn their bread. And I shall curse all who aid them in their ways. So shall you treat all who would sodomise little children, for they are less still in my eyes, and should they ever harm any child after this then put them to death.

And it shall come to pass that the house of the High Lord Of The Veil shall be built upon a hill beside a clean river in a land that I shall show unto him. And all the seven nations will pay homage to him in this place, and look unto him and to his blood who shall rule over them for ever and forever, for guidance in all matters.

And many of you will say to your families, and to your fellows, "Come with me to the house of the High Lord, that we may learn from his wisdom so that we might walk in his ways, and know the laws of the righteous way so that we might be exalted in that path".

And many will come unto him at the ending of days, and unto his blood after him, and he and they will judge and many will be turned away. And some will come to kill him and his, and his people and theirs. And after some time they will all die and be no more.

And his people will do no more battle, as they will be as one with the land that he shall show you, and multiply as he instructs in goodness and in reason.

You shall all become husbandsmen of the earth, and all that is upon the earth and below the earth, and beyond the earth.

And some will gain no reason, and they will forsake him and you, so that they may rule in abomination. Let them go. But if they should return for any purpose, kill them and have none of them.

And they will raise horses and chariots against you, but they will fail. They will try to give you false reason so that they might rule your minds, and show you gold and silver, and harlots. And their harlots will bring unto you disease to kill you. And their gold and silver will not sustain you as they are only for ornament, and shall serve no better purpose than iron.

Heed them not as they and you will bring about another ending of days. Worship not especially that which you have made with your own hands, and trust you not in the birthing of virgins, as it is trickery.

Be you not haughty as you shall be bowed beneath the weight of it at the ending of days. In the time of he who will come after me all men shall be brought low, and shall be so until they gain reason and learn better from their lowliness. You shall toil and raise towers and fences against thine enemies lest they will rob you and kill you. And you shall set the dogs of war at your perimeters.

And build you ships that will be strong and steady in the high winds so they will not break. And go you to all the seven nations, and be brothers unto one another in good faith, and in your protection.

The day comes near unto you when the earth shall shake with the thunder of mighty weapons. Hide yourselves within ramparts so that rocks will not fall on you, neither will the dust touch you with its death. And close yourselves from men that are not of your way lest their breath shall kill you, and if they should come unto you turn them from you. And if they should come again kill them in mercy for their sake and for your sake lest you all die.

Store you bread and all manner of foods that you can store, for the time comes when there shall be little. But fear not, follow in the way of him who will come after me and know him, for his number shall be ten.

And hear not the words of those who will condemn him, as they either know too much or know of no thing. By both ways shall they seek to destroy you. Your time of testing will lay sore upon you, and those who be not worthy shall be better dead, and will be dead.

And he and you shall appoint captains to rule over each of your sections. And Councillors shall he appoint from among you, and "Caulbearers" shall he set over them, and Templers over them, who shall be honourable in their duty to you and to him and to the way that he shall show you.

And some will say that you be oppressed, and that those above you are not fair and are too proud. If you therefore know this to be true, then go to those above you and tell them of what you know, and it will be put right.
But be you aware that some of you will not be in good faith, and will make trouble among you, so that you might be put down and they, the trouble-makers, raised above you, Let this not be. As it also will destroy you and he that will come after me, in your purpose and in his purpose.

Those of you who have ears hear me, and those of you who have eyes see, and know the wisdom of my words.

Men who shall come not in good faith to the way of them and of you, shall say that he has fine clothes, or a sword, or a chariot and should therefor be set above you. And will act as if to make impression on you. He might say that he is a learned man, and seek to make impression on you.

But turn from him, and go to those who have been set over you in the way, and tell them of this so that they can deal with it in a just manner, for your own sake and for the sake of your brothers.

And when others shall be approached, they will say, "Make me not to be above my fellows, as I am an humble man and have not knowledge". And he that will follow me shall say unto him, "Go you forth and learn. For all men must take unto themselves responsibility in matters. As you shall be few, and therefore will only survive if you be humble, but willing to give of all that you are and all that you have in this purpose.

And men shall walk among you in these days that declare themselves as sodomites, and shall do so in false pride, for they are lower than the lowest beasts. Woe unto you should you accept them into your way, as they will bring diseases and evil, and shall destroy you unto death. And you and your blood shall be lost forever.

Make you eunuchs of them, and chain them as slaves for their lifetimes, for they be less than beasts. They reward only evil unto themselves. And should you weaken in this, they shall surely destroy you. And you will eat the fruit of your doings, and it shall be ill with you.

In the time of the ending of days, women shall rise up and declare themselves as great, and will try to rule over you. And they shall claim freedom from oppression and be as harlots. Oh foolish women, beware what you do. For better women know better of themselves, and are content in their place.

And men must beware of their households lest your children shall oppress you, and rule your house, with their mothers who fall into this way. Do you not know of the ills of women, for they are as quicksilver and are not to be noted in their actions or in their words at these times.

The wise among women know of this, and be well with it.

Men and women are made in this way with purpose. Each must know of his and her way and be glad of it, and do justice unto themselves and unto each other in their way.

Man can not be woman, and woman can not be man. It is not the way of things. They are as they are. And let it be so. Though you fear poverty, there is a different and far worse poverty that awaits the foolish in these matters.

Drink you not of strong wine and be drunkards, as you will be cast out in these times. As you will be a burden unto those who are sober and have great purpose.

And with these very words shall I make the way of he who comes after me harder. As many at the ending of days shall be drunkards, and will speak loudly of the wrongs of that which I say. But they lie, and they know of it.

And they know of the truth of my words. For they do not master themselves. Wine is their master in all things, though it bring them unto death and degradation. Such can not be taken into account in their thoughts or deeds. They are of no use or purpose to me, or to him, or to you.

Beware of all evil in that time for there shall be many. Your daughters shall walk the streets with wanton eyes, and their necks stretched forth. And they shall walk in a mincingly way, and make tinkling with their feet.

And they will be stricken with scabs in their private parts and in their blood. And they shall shame the "Caulbearer" who shall come after me.

And he shall turn away from them, and turn them from him and from you, so that you be safe from them. Even though they be wives and daughters of you. He shall cast them out with their nose jewels and rings of ornament that mean little, as they do before mine eyes. For they are foul before me.

And it shall come to pass of such women, that where they have scented shall there be a stench of them. And their hair shall fall from their heads, for in their evil shall they lie with the sodomite, and shall pass his vileness to others. Each to ten men, and the ten unto their goodly wives, And their evil wives in their turn shall they pass on such abomination to ten more men and so shall it be. And death shall profit from it.

And let all you women who are pure and content in your purpose gather you unto the "Caulbearer", for he shall have need of your kind, and shall add to your value. For your purity is beyond price. And your faithfulness to your husbands is beyond price. And you are beyond price in your goodness.

And in that time men shall do war for little reason, and politicians shall lie and connive and cause even more wars, for it shall be a profit to them.
And as they do this evil, good men will die by the sword. Believing that they do good by it. And they shall know not reason. They shall believe much that is false in those times. And shame shall be the name of such men who do no thing to alter this evil.

And the widows shall sit desolate, and cry in bitter sorrow for them, and for their children, and for themselves. Take you care of such widows, and take them and treat kindly in honour of their dead husbands, though they die in vein purpose.

And the day will come when seven women who are pure, shall come unto he who shall come after me, and whose number shall be ten. And they shall say unto him, "Let us come unto you. We ask nothing of you except that we can abide in your name, and that you shall reproach us not." They shall bear him children.

And in that day shall his glory be complete, and they shall be content in his service. And each shall do his business in each of the seven nations, and it will bode good unto him and unto them, and their children shall rule in those places after him.

And he and they will wash away the vileness of women from them, and the blood of his people shall be purged in his wisdom.

And you shall abide in the places that he shall show you, in the manner that he shall show you, and be you content with your lot. As you will live, but many will die. And your salvation shall be great.

And you shall be fed and have good shelter, even from the sun that shall burn and kill so many in your time.

He shall take lands, and clear these lands with you. And they shall bear fruits in plenty for all that be with him. And the birds of the air shall prosper, and the fishes of the waters shall again multiply and be good. ,

But men will still judge between that which he hath, and that which he desires in his foolishness, and shall displease the "Caulbearer". Some will neglect the walls, and the hedges, and the fences, so that wild beasts will enter the gardens, and destroy.

And they will say unto the "Caulbearer", " Why hast thou let this happen in thy power?" And he shall put you from him even to the last man, for you be of no use to him or to me in thy stupidity.

And those who have ears, and those who have minds to reason, will be with him. And their gardens shall be bounteous, and they shall inherit the earth.

And as the earth is cleansed, in one thousand years his people will remember him, though he be dead. And they shall glory in his blood and in the leadership of his blood. And they shall spread throughout the earth and make it good.

And there will again be great forests and clean waters. And man shall remember. And because he shall remember, and be of good faith to him and to me, he shall prosper and do no harm in the doing of it.

And at the time of the ending of days, many houses shall be left in desolation, as their owners shall be dead. And their bodies shall rot within, as there shall be none left to bury them.

The Sun shall burn you to death. And disease of fornication shall be rampant, and will kill you.

You will fight one with another, man upon man, and nation upon nation, even brothers will attack one another. For in these times men will know no reason, and shall not put in effort until it is too late for them.

And they shall come and cry unto you to feed them, and you shall hear them not.

Offer to men, that they come unto him that comes after me, three times in three months, and if they should answer "No", three times, then shall you write their names in the Book Of The Damned. For they will know no salvation, for they are not worthy.

And their carcasses shall strew the streets within twenty years of the opening of my Seal and his Seal.

And men will eat of the flesh from the bodies of their brothers. Such will be their desire to live. Yet they will follow false gods, and not he who will come after me. For it will be hard for those who follow him, as it was for those who followed me.

And those who will follow him not, will eat the flesh of their dead, and shall have not the strength to bury them.

And in this time many ensigns will be raised, and men will be as beasts in their purpose, and they shall war one upon another, each in his design.

And some will follow him to a far land to the north that is desolate and make it fruitful. For all the earth shall be hot, and you shall abide well in the coolness of that place where the sun shall not burn thee.

And there shall be whirlwinds and great storms upon the earth, such as men have not seen before. And the summers will be without rain, or there shall be times of great floods.

The seasons shall be as quicksilver, and they shall be so that they can no longer be predicted.

Your crops shall fail and your beasts die. Even the frogs shall not be able to live in the waters, as they will be poisoned with the folly and the filth of men. And man shall show no reason.

Beware of such men at this time, for you may not recognise them for what they are. And they will try to kill you, so that they can eat that which you have, and lay your labours to waste.

The mighty will be levelled by hunger and shall grow more cunning. And you who will follow him will have need to fight for life, against both the beast that is man, and the elements that he has caused.

And you cleave only to the seven nations that follow him, and cast out all others from you. And you shall not sleep, nor remove your shoes for many days, for fear that you will be attacked by your enemies. But it shall pass.

You shall know times of hunger. But it shall pass. You shall labour with your backs bent and this shall not pass. But you will take pleasure and glory in the doing of it. You shall build paradise upon the face of the earth, and you shall prosper by toil, and by reason, and it shall be good.

You shall give honour to the earth, and to all living things, lest your honourable men despair of you, and you shall hunger and thirst and bring about another coming of the ending of days.

Men of goodly nature, rule yourselves with a rod of iron.

Hold you not your Sabbaths before mine eyes, for they offend me. And pray you not for assistance, for there shall be none. And pray you not in false gratitude, as it abominates me, for there is none left to hear you.

Men shall live for eternity upon the earth, and beyond the earth. But only those who follow the Seventh High Lord Of The Veil shall be suffered to live one hundred years after him.

Cursed be they who do not follow in the way of him, for the evil of their hearts and the stupidity of their minds. For they do much harm to no purpose except their own.
And cursed be he who squats among the seven hills, for he knows the evil that he is, and that he does in the use of my name.

He who comes after me is a branch of my tree, and from his roots will rise up more trees, and from his seed more trees, and I will be well pleased. Even if he shall despair, and turn from you in your wickedness.

Seven Churches shall he raise in seven nations, which I have set before him. But if he should find not ten thousand goodly men in each nation, then he shall be blessed by me in his failure. For I too have failed. And the Seven shall have failed in our purpose, because man has failed in himself, and in me, and in all that is good.

The foolish shall be cursed as the wicked, as the harm is the same. And he that comes after me whose number will be ten shall know of the odds against him, and they will be great....
( exerpt from last prophecy of Jesus )

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So... are you a Christian? Do you believe in God?
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Originally posted by Mick:
<STRONG>And Jesus said........
{lots of unverifiable "stuff"}
( exerpt from last prophecy of Jesus )

Why should I believe that Jesus said this? It is doubtful whether he even said some of the things attributed to him in the Bible; so what is the evidence that he said any of this "stuff".
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Give to him that comes after me, whose number will be ten, the six keys and six Seals as I have instructed thee.

So some replacement quarterback (you don't specify what team) is gonna get some keys and some sea mammals? Who cares?
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Worthy of scrutiny?

Well, I scrutinized it and reached this conclusion: this Jesus person rambles too much, kinda like the insane person who sits next to you on the subway and babbles incoherently.
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not a theist

"Why should I believe that Jesus said this?"

I am not asking you to believe anything

"It is doubtful whether he even said some of the things attributed to him in the Bible"


"so what is the evidence that he said any of this "stuff"."

There is no cast iron evidence that I can post here that would "convince" but there are some strange things going on. Within three weeks of the pope seeing this he stated that " The revelation of Christ is complete and definitive". He has since been accused of "Rank heracy" by catholic theologians as the "revelation" is not supposed to happen until the "second coming", which of course will never happen.

The whole prophecy has been revealed at the beginning of "the ending of days" more commonly known as WTSHTF, which is now. So if, as you seem to suspect, it is a load of rubbish you will soon be proved right or maybe even wrong.


"So... are you a Christian? Do you believe in God "



"Who cares"

Suit yourself mate, it's your choice.
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