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Originally Posted by stephan huller View Post
There is no evidence for the Philosophumena outside of Mount Athos - period.
But according to the hypothesis to which you subscribe it was written in Rome and not Mount Athos in the 3rd century by Origen Hippolytus. Therefore quite logically at one time it must have been outside of Mount Athos and then brought there.

The facts are that we know it was found on Mount Athos in the mid 18th century, but we have absolutely no idea when it arrived on Mount Athos or its trajectory before it arrived.

Wait a minute. You have a crystal Christian ball right? I should have known. That's so dishonest you should be ashamed of yourself. Just admit it. You're just making stuff up
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This thread has deteriorated. You have run out of relevant things to say when you start trading charges of intellectual dishonesty.

Closing this.
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