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Thumbs down A Response to "The Christ of Daoist Alchemy"

Buddhism and Taoism are not religions, while Hindu philosophy shares similar beliefs with the two. All three believe in fragility of life and the material world.

Again, I see the incredulity of your claims. You're comparing a Palestinian peasant who challenged Hebrew culture and whose ideas were later distorted by followers with a Chinese magician who may have influenced alchemy more than he did Taoism, which in any case is not even a religion. Even your argument, "If Jesus is seen as God because of his miraculous works, then Wei should be seen in the same way" is irrelevant: Taoists don't believe in gods.

Finally, with regards to self-criticism, I believe that skeptics and free thinkers are in the best position to be skeptical and free enough to question their own beliefs. But I don't see that in the website. I do note a lot of self-congratulatory stances and sarcasm that passes off as scholarly arguments. As for my example of Stalin, Pol Pot, and atheism, I only mention that for illustrative purposes. Again, I invite "infidels" to start practicing what they preach.

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by turtonm:
Thanks for your thoughts. I think many would disagree on your remarks about Hindus, Buddhists and Daoists. Perhaps you should get a good book on world religions, and compare the three. You'll find they are very different.

The title was not mine.

As for self-criticism, perhaps if you hang out on the secular web long enough, you'll see us going at it each rather freely about certain issues. On the other hand, if you feel that there is not enough criticism of atheism, Stalin, and Pol Pot you can post some yourself. In our Web there are many forums, to paraphrase a famous teacher.

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[Note: This topic is being moved from Feedback Discussion to the Biblical Criticism & Archaeology forum where it has been discussed more extensively. - Don]
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Taoism & Buddhism are both religions.
The Taoist believes that there are alot of different gods with 3 of them being the "Fathers" or creators of Taoism.
When first Lao Tze came up with Taoism, there is no god but later Taoism was incoporated with another story which chronicles how the different gods of Taoism come into being.
Buddhism believes that all man have the ability to become "God" (break from reincarnation & thus becoming eternal)and the Buddha is worshipped by the Buddhists.
Confusianism is the one which is not a religion.
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Originally posted by danzig:
Taoists don't believe in gods.

Actually, Danzug, by about 1000 AD the Daoists had produced the whole Christian continuum: a triune godhead (representing past, present and future), a Mary figure with babe (Kuan-yin), a Daoist "pope" (the Heavenly Master with loose control over the belief system), a hell, a heaven, a devil and a savior cult. The savior cult dates from the 2-3rd century, other stuff gradually came in as folk Daoism absorbed ideas from Buddhism.

I would recommend a good survey book, such as East Asia: Tradition and Transformation, which is the standard textbook in intro courses. Read the religion parts.


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