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Post The Lukan Genealogy Problem

The genealogy of Jesus in Matthew is different from the genealogy of Jesus in Luke, referred to as the Lukan genealogy.

A comparison of the Matthew and Lukan genealogies appears on my website:

See Biblical Contradictions

The problem of the difference is referred to as the Lukan genealogy problem.

I have been told that in the oldest Lukan manuscripts the Greek word "huios" appears as a link between father and son and translates only as "biological son of" and not as "legal son of" or "son-in-law of".

The appearance and translation of "huios" is said to be proof that the Lukan genealogy is of Joseph, the husband of Mary, and not of Mary herself.

Does anyone have any information concerning the following questions:

Where are the oldest/earliest Lukan manuscripts?

Whose property are they? [Who owns them?]

Does the Greek word "huios" appear as a link between fathers and sons?

Does "huios" translate only as "biological son of" and not "legal son of" or "son-in-law of"?

Does the presence of "huios" and its translation as "biological son of" serve as proof that the Lukan genealogy is of Joseph and not of Mary?

Bob K.

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