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Post Theists: Show us the gods!!!

If a philosophy is defined as a collection of concepts, principles and techniques for using the concepts and principles for dealing with the people, things and events who/which are reality, and if religion is defined as a philosophy which includes a belief in the existence of gods, then the fundamental question concerning religion is this: Do gods exist?

Much time is perhaps wasted discussing ancient books/mythologies/theologies when the more important need is to determine if or not gods exist, and, if so, where they are today, if they involve themselves in human affairs, and, if so, what they want from us.

I define proof of any assertion to be (1) physical evidence as people/things/events who/which can be seen/heard/touched/smelled/tasted; (2) eyewitness reports and corroborating reports of physical evidence (people/things/events who/which can be seen/heard/touched/smelled/tasted) from credible individuals (individuals who are proven to not be insane and who have no motives other than presenting truth as they believe they have witnessed); and (3) logical arguments in which the premises are verifiable/falsifiable/verified by physical evidence leading to conclusions which are true only if the premises are true/verified.

I define theism to be a philosophy which includes (A) a belief in the existence of gods and (B) a belief in the existence of proof of the existence of gods, and I define a theist to be a person whose personal philosophy includes theism.

I therefore want to challenge theists thus: Show us the gods!!!

Proof!!! Physical evidence!!!
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Hey Bob,

Wrong forum. Try "Existence of God(s)" or "Philosophy".

Glad I could clear that up for ya.


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