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Originally Posted by Iskander View Post
Originally Posted by mountainman View Post
Originally Posted by excreationist View Post
So you believe that everyone has a soul that can not be destroyed? I find that ridiculous.

See what the Greek philosophers wrote about the "daimon" ... δαίμων

Do you find it ridiculous that Rear Admiral George Stephen Morrison placed this word on his son's tombstone?

BTW I think the NT included Greek words such as "Hades"...

Before the NT was fabricated in century X,
after death all humans descended into the
underworld from which there was no return;
there was no Last Judgment, and no hope of
The daimon thread explains one of the most intelligent discoveries ever made in this forum. I have enjoyed reading it again, I congratulate you.

Thanks very much Iskander.

εὐδαιμονία | eudaimonia
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