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Default Re: Re: You are just an OBSERVATION SELECTION EFFECT

Originally posted by Virgil Tibbs
The link you gave didn't have anything to say about meaning, intrinsic or otherwise. I certainly never said meaning was intrinsic to life, but that does not imply meaning cannot be made by life.
Exactly, the weak anthropic principle does not say anything about meaning. The Strong version may but IMHO that is just a load of religious gobbledegook in the guise of so called "science"

Meaning in life is something each person must decide on his or her own. If you feel a finite life is irrelevant, that is your choice, but empiricism did not lead you there as there is no evidence that says life is irrelevant.

Meaning is in the emotions we attach to our observations, not in the observations themselves. Clearly most people do find their lives meaningful, so to say life must be irrelevant is to ignore the evidence to the contrary.

Yes that is what I mean by "intrapersonal"

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