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Back in the 19th century, W.S. Gilbert wrote about politicians:
When in the House MPs divide...
They have to leave their brains outside
And do just as their leaders tell 'em to.
I wonder whether we couldn't stretch the application of that a little.

Have you considered, Magus, that your posts may put potential xians off your religion?
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. . . if not their lunch?

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Originally posted by Magus55
Because I want to be here? Why do atheists come to Christian message boards? That and to spread the Gospel like the Bible tells us to. Whether you all know it and don't care or not, there are lurkers and others who may question the atheistic view of life and seek out the truth in God. And thats when I'll be waiting.
Well, you keep sounding more and more like the ministers at my old church and they're actually the reason I left in the first place. As a matter of fact, our youth minister was given a post away from the youth because by his interaction with the youth he was actually causing more people to leave.

And this atheist doesn't frequent Christian message boards. I used to but decided that it wasn't worth it. Is your time here worth it? Do you know of anyone you've "lead to Christ" by posting in this manner?
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Another christian response is that the evil in the world is "character-building". It is the process we humans go through by which to get closer to being "sons of God".

This sounds suspiciously like a "means to an end", and I wouldn't think an omnipotent God would need a "means', but hey, whatever does it for you.

What I'm trying to say is, I can personally see the existance of evil, to a certain extent, can be non-contradictory with a belief in God. Even natural evils (aka natural disasters) have been explained by the free will of demons or angels. The question then is: Does unnecessary suffering exist? and: Is the existance of free will worth the existance of all the evil in the world? If you can answer yes to the second question, then you can probably believe in the traditional God quite rationally, as far as this argument goes. (Of course, there's no way of testing such a belief, but whatever floats your boat)
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