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Default What do you get for believing in Jesus?

I know Christian believes they get eternal salvation while people like you and me end up in hell, even though I'm not a murderer, rapist, thief, or the worse scum of the earth. Is there anything else for believing in Jesus? I mean, there has to be something else...
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In more of a philosophical--rather than passively selfish--sense, some consider the only path to wisdom through Christ. The culprit of this naughty thought can be found in fundamentalist interpretations of the Bible.

Rather, I think that in the path to wisdom it would do you well to stop for Christ and learn what he's about, but he's surely not the deus ex machina that many make him out to be. There is more than one way to knowledge, but I'm only speaking in relativistic terms.
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I mean, there has to be something else...
Just that and a case of the warm fuzzies often expressed in language using lovey-dovey words or hell-fire & brimstone (your choice).......oh, and the smug satisfaction of knowing you are right without bothering to learn much about anything.
You know, like a miracle weight loss pill, all the results with no work involved.
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