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Originally Posted by mountainman View Post
Quite an amusing account of Phillip the Apostle. I happen to think this is just clear example of another satire, but for some reason very few people agree, because it is not customary to entertain the possibility that the "Christian Story" could have been satirized and/or parodied in the 4th century .... Sometimes the most significant fact about history is that, when it most matters, it is not at first openly recognized ....
I agree that it's amusing. But with these things, one cannot always be sure whether they are the result of 'mickey-taking' or not. I know from experience that something one writes intended as satire can be taken seriously, and there's nothing one can do to stop it. So perhaps this originated as a conversational jest, but some dude overheard it, then, innocently or otherwise, wrote it down and thereby made it into 'reality'.

But to my mind, very much of the religious output of the centuries after Christ is amusing, even though its intention is serious. In particular, the habit of mimicking Paul's style by such as Ignatius and Clement, so very obvious, I think, brings a smile. One could take it as spoof, but apparently it wasn't!
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