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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by turtonm:
Obviously, since the dead do not rise, the Resurrection never happened. There are many explanations as to why the disciples might say they saw Jesus, or why someone might write that they did, but Jesus actually rising from the dead is not a possible one.

People cling obstinately to faith even when disproved by circumstance. The Maji-maji and God's Army both believed that their magic protects them from bullets, regardless of how many warriors got slaughtered by government bullets. The spectacular failure of the Ghost Dancers to get rid of the White Man has not entirely eradicated that religion. Jesus' failure to return and wind up the world in that generation has not deterred his followers from elaborating a religion on his teachings. Even when the Taiping generals sold out their leader, they still believed he was the younger brother of Jesus and had ascended into heaven.

People's belief systems are bound up with their identities, and they do not change them, regardless of actual evidence from the world.</font>
Turton, your claim that "the dead do not rise" and that it "is not possible" for them to do so, is not a historical objection, it is a philosophical objection, based on your philosophy of naturalism and a-priori ruling out of the supernatural.

If you would not object to the supernatural as you do, and incorperate it into your explanation for certain aspects of history, then you could join all the Christians in their ignorance-is-bliss insistance that the "evidence" for Jesus' resurrection is sufficient to prove it because it doesn't make sense to rule out the supernatural. And the only catch is that you also have to accept Apollonius' raising of the dead and ascension into Heaven, the miracles of the cult of Asclepius, the healing powers of various statues in ancient Rome, the power of Hatian voodoo preists to raise people from the dead, the realization that the Moai statues of Easter Island really did just magically get up and walk to their present locations, and a wealth of other absurdities too numerous to mention. Is that too much to ask?
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Hey Dan, no problem; never was. Note the smily in both posts. Meant what I said, that I didn't want to give you the wrong impression, and nothing more.

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