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Post Do you think this would have any impact....

whilst browsing Ebay the other day i noticed that i could buy quite a large amount of fossil sharks teeth and such for a fairly reasonable price. I am considering buying a bunch them to carry around with me, so that when a fundie or YEC'er wants to know why i don't think the earth is 6000 years old i can just hand them a 40,000 year old shark's tooth, sort of my equivalent of a chick tract. Do you think that actually seeing and being able to physically be in contact with a genuine fossil might spark just a bit of brain power in those hat racks they call heads? or will they tell me that satan planted them to delude the weak spirited like me.
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God made all 6000 years ago. Whether the devil laid out the sharks teeth to delude humanity or god did it to confuse humanity is not known. the answer you would probably get.
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I always get the "God created everything with age". The tooth IS 40000 years old but god created it 6000 years ago, at the age of 34000. What a bunch of shit...
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