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Originally posted by NOGO:
I see. You reserve the right to decide what the REAL Jesus said and did.... Was Jesus a human sacrifice to Yahweh? And isn't this notion firmly entrenched in the OT?
Please read Hebrews 9 and tell me if this has anything to do with the real Jesus?
In particular Hebrews 9 says that there can't be any forgiveness of sin without shedding of blood.
NOGO, you claim to "see," but I am confused: My post "what would the REAL Jesus do?" was a question, not an answer.

The material in Hebrews is early Christian theology, not history. The verses were intended to make sense of Jesus' terrible death by tying it to the traditions of temple sacrifice and attempting to answer the age-old scriptrual question for a new time: Why are the righteous punished?

After Jesus' death, the gospel writers searched their Hebrew Bible to find any and all literary, cultural and religious justification and pre-figurement to understand what had happened.

Much of Christian theology is ABOUT Jesus, not FROM him. In my opinion, the "REAL" Jesus radically subverted all worldly forms of social, political and religious power. And since the temple incident is attested to in all four gospels, I also believe it goes back to a real historical event. And you don't subvert religion any more clearly than by tipping over tables in the temple courtyard.
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