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Originally posted by Boro Nut:

I think it's telling me that the person who wrote it knew nothing about anything, or, if you prefer, absolutely everything about fuck-all. I include goat herding in that too.</STRONG>
LOL! Certainly, since the author thought that you could prodice striped goats by having them hump near striped rods, goat herding may not have been his strongest point.
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Maybe we humans are the aliens in this world?

Maybe we 'fell' to this planet in some sorth of advanced ship?

Maybe we are just test subjects, that are watched by aliens in another dimension or a really far away planet?

Just posting a few ideas

I agree the bible is a mind book. And all of its characters(organs) and locations(parts) are "masked" by names of people and countries.

The river is divided in four...
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