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Metacrock: ahahahaahhhahahahahahahahahah my God you are stupid! STupid! REvelation is all symbolism dum ass.! It does not tell us that the stars will really fall out of the sky you idiot that is a symbol you moron do yo not know what a symbol is?

LP: How does one figure out that stars falling from the sky is symbolic? To me, it seems as if the author of that document had thought that the stars are affixed to a big bowl, and that the stars can come loose.

Metacrock: Why is it that sketpics forget everything they learned in English class when they look at the bible. I assume you have taken an English class in school?

LP: What was I supposed to have learned in English class?

MEta =>Duh, if you can't figure that out it's hopeless, but a good example is this guy below who thinks that revelation is really saying the stars will fall out of the sky.

LP: A total non-answer.

Metacrock: Why would you expect the OT to be a science text book? God didnt tell them about nuclear fission, why should he tell them about the shape of the earth? Why expect the Bible to have scientific truth in it? Why is that important?

LP: Where is the disclaimer in the Bible that states all this?

MEta =>WHat! YOu think the Bible has to have a disclaimer saying "this is not real science" and you have to ask what you should have learned in English class? LIke how read maybe. .

LP: It's advertised as "truth", so why not have such a disclaimer?

[Metacrock on revelation being other than some booming voice coming out of the sky...]
LP: Very ingenious. And I note that the Bible itself features a "booming voice demanding verbatim dictation" in some places; IMO, it's a more efficient and less ambiguous form of revelation.

Metacrock: It's not a sicence text book. Why should it be?

LP: But it's advertised as "truth".

[LP on the wonderful simplicity of fundamentalism...]
Metacrock:: God damn get a brain! Ask the Wisard at the end of the yellow brick road.

LP: TrueThinker, if an object has four corners, that fact tells us something about that object's shape. And if the Earth is shaped like a ball, it cannot have *any* corners.

TrueThinker: I think you are a little confused about the "corners" of the earth the Bible speaks of. It's definiteley not referring to the Earth's shape.

LP: Read Revelation 7.1 -- it clearly states that the Earth is a 4-cornered object, and that at each corner is where a wind originates from; the traditional 4 winds are north, east, south, and west. This is consistent with flat-Earthism and a very limited awareness of atmospheric-circulation patterns.

And let us not forget about Matthew 4:8 and Luke 4:5. Where was that mountain?

LP: Furthermore, the Book of Revelation tells us that the stars will someday fall out of the sky, ...

[TrueThinker on what a "firmament" is...]

Seems to me that the "expanse" definition is a bowdlerization, like some translations of the "eunuchs" of Matthew 19:12

TrueThinker: The "stars" falling out of they sky is more of a reference to fallen angels.

LP: How so?

TrueThinker: The "water above" in Genesis is referring to the clouds. Clouds are made of water. You knew that right? That's how we get rain.

LP: Clouds != continuous ocean.

LP: The Book of Revelation also states that everybody will see Jesus Christ as he comes down from Heaven, which would be difficult for those living on the other side of the Earth from JC.

TrueThinker: With the technology we have today everybody will have the ability to see Jesus come from heaven. All you need is a live satellite feed. ...

LP: That is totally absurd. That technology would take nearly 2 millennia to be invented, and it is not directly described in Revelation.

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