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Question Book Question

Can any of you guys recommend a book that discusses in laymen's terms how the canon of the Christian Bible was put together?

I found an excellent book on the New T that was geared for the undergrad and is laid out in fairly neutral terms.

The 3 books I own, and most that I have read, are written by theists and seem to be full of "god speak" which generally makes them harder to understand.

I'm not looking for the typical biblical errancy type books either (I have enough thank you). In fact, an easy to understand college text geared for the religious studies student is sort of what I had in mind.

Thanks in advance!

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Have you read Richard Carrier's excellent article in the II library on the formation of the NT canon? If not, I definitely recommend it:

I can't remember offhand but there should be some sort of bibliography available , which will point you to additional sources if you want to read more.
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Hey thanks, I didn't even know that was there! And there's a bib too!

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