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Post inerrancy and posting

If the Bible is indeed inerrant, then does it follow that our understanding of it must also be inerrant if the text is to be perfectly understood?

This long chain of inerrancy (of each person understanding the Bible for what it is) and the next person in this perfect progression passing on this perfect understanding--isn't this a good description of the so-called "Great Commission," where the gospel is to be preached to "all nations?"

If Jesus got it right, then Paul must have. And if Paul did, so did the other evangelists. Right? And certainly Constantine carried that truth right on through to his times. In a bow to creationism, do we dare say that the faith evolved?

And I cannot help noticing that most of the back-and-forth communication on these boards merely points up the dangers in the value and accuracy of oral and written tradition....
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And the fundies have the nerve to say the theory of evolution is wrong.

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