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Smile Proof of the 10 Plagues?

Everyone here seems to enjoy a good parallel to the Bible. What about this one?

The Ten Plagues

There's even a close-up of the Egyptian Demotic text for the most hardened skeptics (who can read Demotic of course)!

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oh come now, someone, Zar I think, posted this a few weeks ago, Egyptologists say these are common in Egypt, bad Pharoh bad stuff happens, good Pharoah bad stuff goes away, all common ancient 'Laments', check the archives may have been April or May.

(I promise not to say anything about aliens)

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I've been cleaning out my bookmarks. Who knows, I probably got it here... Oops...

Feel free to remove it if so, but seems like it's every bit as good a parallel as Homer is to Mark...

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Are you arguing for a literary connection between the plagues of the Bible and these old Egyptian documents? Possibly true.

Here's the prior thread

What is the scoop on the "Ipuwer Papyrus" re: the Plagues of Egypt?

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