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Post Questions?

There are several questions that I have not been able to find satisfactory answers to, concerning the crucifixion story.

That doesn't mean the answers have not been attempted, and/or skirted or dismissed by the theologians.

There seems to be no shortage of eyewitness accounts of the life and times of Jesus.
Eyewitness accounts of the crucifixion, and second hand heresay testimony.
It seems the entire story of the crucifixion and resurrection is documented in many ways.

The Biblical texts indicate that Joseph of Arimethaea was given the body of Jesus by the Romans after death, at the site of the crucifixion. (the location was where? in the private garden of Joseph?).

Can anyone tell me where I can find information that verifies that the body of Jesus was in fact placed into the tomb by Joseph?

I cannot seem to find any sources that actually say that through eyewitness accounts it was verified that the body of Jesus actually was interred in the tomb.

Who saw Joseph actually place the body of Jesus in the tomb?

It is a rather difficult proposition to belief that the handling of the body was as stated anyway due to the Hebrew burial practices and the time frame involved, but this aside, where is the source to verify that the body was actually in the tomb?

Also, it would seem that the apostles were
somewhat suprised at the resurrection.
Were they not aware of the pending resurrection? Did they not believe that Jesus would rise from the dead?

I was also a little curious about the form of the resurrected body.
It seems to be an accepted concept that the resurrected body would be whole.
Physically and spiritually perfect and restored through the process of resurrection,
to a painless, and Godly state without blemish.

Why then was it reported that Thomas touched the wounds of the resurrected Jesus?
Were they still open after the resurrection?
If Jesus was in fact resurrected why were the wounds still in evidence?

As a last question here, why did the apostles
not recognize Jesus in their reported contacts after the resurrection?

Could it be that if in fact this person did exist, This so-called saviour, and he was actually hung on the cross, that he was pulled down before he died?
He was still alive but was mortally wounded
and dying from severe infection?
Is that why the apostles did not recognize him?

I have other questions but I will wait for responses to these, if anyone can help me with this.
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