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Question authorship of the Old T

I have been wading through some of the history of the Old Testament and have come upon a minor problem. I always have understood that most biblical scholars think that Moses DID NOT author the first five books of the Bible. From what I understand, most scholars subscribe to a multiple author hypothesis.

Now I'm starting to stumble across some books that seem to suggest that Moses may have been the author; or, that he may have authored parts of the OT. (e.g., Raymond Brown makes a vague reference to Mosaic authorship in "An Introduction to the New Testament".)

Is this just one of those paradigm shifts brought about by scholars needing something to write about? Or, is there merit to the Mosaic authorship.

How do the "scholars" explain Moses writing about his own death in Deut.?

Any insight is appreciated.


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No serious scholars believe in Mosaic authorship of the Pentateuch anymore. It has pretty much been a nonstarter since Spinoza.
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