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Originally posted by Apikorus:
Rich, a bit more critical thinking and I bet you could figure this out yourself.
A cute, but crappy answer to an honest do you have an answer or not?

You asserted before that my view would never be espoused by a reputable rabbi. This is now the 2nd one I have heard this from (the time of animal sacrifices is done- for good), and you won't answer...hmmm
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It's like this, Rich:

The sacrificial cultus was an integral part of ancient Judaism. Sacrifices are discussed throughout the Torah and in many other parts of the Hebrew Bible. A large fraction of the Book of Leviticus is devoted to regulations of the cultus.

When the Temple was destroyed in 586 BCE and again in 70 CE, a crisis was provoked, since, according to the Deuteronomic legislation, there was a unique venue where the sacrificial rituals could take place. This called for a reinterpretation of the Torah, so that prayer could substitute for animal sacrifice. This was the solution enshrined in the rabbinic writings. Since there is no Temple, it is only natural that the rabbis should find their prescribed method of communication with God to be superior.

However, in the event that the Temple is rebuilt, then once again the issue of animal sacrifice will come to the fore. If the Temple has an altar, then the altar must be consecrated by a sacrifice, and if daily sacrifices are not reestablished it will be rather awkward to explain why not. Of course, attitudes have changed during the past 2000 years, and resumption of animal sacrifice would make a laughingstock out of Judaism. I suggest that this in and of itself is an excellent reason why the Temple should never be rebuilt in the first place. (Another good reason is that it would start World War III.) At the moment there is no rabbinic body empowered to deal with such matters anyway (i.e. no Sanhedrin), so it is a moot point.

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