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Question Possible Argument Against A Historical Resurrection

I have had this idea in my head for a couple weeks and I've decided to put down in this forum and see what everyone thinks about it.

This argument is related to the idea that the Holy Bible (Catholic and Protestant versions) was inspired by God.

Is it possible to state that one argument against the resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth is that it is not historical because all of the accounts of it are in a book (Holy Bible) which contains errors and contradictions? (Not to mention the ones in the accounts themselves).

In other words, even if the resurrection accounts in the New Testament matched perfectly in the details, is it possible to still consider the resurrection not historical because these accounts have been collected in a book with other various writings that contain errors and contradictions?

Further, even if the details matched perfectly, wouldn't a person still be justified in disbelieving in the resurrection (and the rest of Christianity) because these accounts are in a book which contains errors and contradictions?

I haven't thought this through very well which probably shows but I still wanted to throw this idea out to see the response.
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