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Post What's God's Definition of His Holiness/Justness

I am simply looking for Bible verses where God explains to humans how we can see God's holiness and his being just. Christians says I cannot know God's definition of holiness or his justness. Seems like it should be in the "Good Book" somewhere.

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There are many references in the first five books of the Bible. A good concordence will lead you to these. I think there is an site that will search the text for you at or something to that effect.

My suggestion, if you're really serious, is read Rudolf Otto's book, Idea of the Holy. The reading is a little tough, but it is a scholarly presentation of what holiness really was in the ancient world, instead of the typical modern understanding of purity.

A quick snap shot:
In true essence holiness is neuter. It is neither good nor bad. It is otherness. It is transendence. It is a term that decribes God's other worldliness. To be holy, one would imitate his god. Because of Jehovah's moral nature, purity is a by product of holiness to Jehovah.

Manifestations of holiness in ancient culture was thought to be fire. Encounters with the holy was dreaded as the effects of two world's colliding produced dangerous circumstances. This is similar to our stereo-typical response to extra-trarestrials. That which was holy was revered and respected. It itself was a trial-by-ordeal element. That which is common (not necessarily sinnful, but sin would count) must be separated from the holy. It must be treated as we treat nuclear power.

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