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Originally posted by svensky:
<STRONG>Matt i would question one of your statements in your reply.

You dont have an aprori reason to doubt the claims of the bible. Excuse me if i missed something in your book review that was linked too, but you do seem to be an athiest, and have a completely unsubtle commitment to naturalism.

This does of course make me question of your claim of neutrality, what with the odd supernatural claim or two in the bible.

At any rate, i hope to get a chance to read your book at some point.</STRONG>
I'm pretty sure that, like most atheists, he doesn't say: "There's no God. Period. Case closed. Don't even bother bringing arguments or evidence." and that instead he says: "I don't believe in God(s). However, if you can, with arguments and evidence, rigorously demonstrate the existence of God(s), I'll agree with it."
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Yes; that is correct. I do not believe in God because I find no evidence to support that hypothesis. If the hypothesis includes the subsidiary hypothesis that God is benevolent, then the evidence positively argues against the existence of God. I prefer to avoid the term "atheist", however, because that term implies a certainty not unlike the arrogant certainty of the fundamentalists, who surely consider the case closed, as Utbabya correctly notes.

I do not mean to hedge: I believe in the law of conservation of energy, even though I know it might some day be proved to be untrue. In that sense, I am agnostic about physical laws. I strongly doubt, however, that certain physical laws will ever be proved untrue. In the same sense, I do not believe in God, even though I know that some bit or bits of evidence may make me change my mind. I strongly doubt, however, that I will ever find that evidence. In this sense, I am not an atheist but a "strong agnostic". Critical thinkers are (or ought to be) agnostic about everything.

By the way, Jason can probably get my book without a credit card by ordering it from any book seller who deals with the American distributor Ingram's.
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