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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by Ish:
Rodahi, are you indirectly calling me a liar?!

Let me say that Tercel was merely referring to my quotation of the Alands, so it's not what I said that upsets your world so much as to make you imply that I am a liar.

As if that isn't enough, you continually imply that many Christian scholars lack integrity. However, when I ask you to prove it by listing them and why you think they are, you flat ignore the challenge. You're walking the fine line of discrimination and bigotry there, Rodahi...

Next, I have presented a period of time that I believe is correct (with support I might add) for the dating of p52. According to Metzger, "such eminent paleographers as Sir Frederic G. Kenyon, W. Schubart, Sir Harold I. Bell, Adolf Deissmann, Ulrich Wilcken, and W.H.P. Hatch have all expressed themselves in agreement" with C.H. Roberts in dating p52 in the first half of the second century. Yet, you insist on saying that you can see no reason for dating p52 "earlier than 150 A.D." Again, sources please?

Finally, when you can't answer my questions or provide your own substance, are ad hominems all you can resort to? Your erroneous and offensive suggestion that I am related to Barbara Thiering is almost as low as your attempt to trick me into looking at a pornography website that you linked to (you should have kicked yourself off the SecWeb for that one, Mr. Moderator). It seems that you are the one lacking integrity. Please show a little more maturity and knowledge in the future, Rodahi. Until then, go sit in the corner. I think this will be my last post in your direction.

Noli me vocare, ego te vocabo...

[This message has been edited by Ish (edited June 28, 2001).]
This posting demonstrates the following:
1. Some Christians arrogantly consider themelves to be superior to those who disagree with them. This arrogance is unwarranted and offensive.
2. Some Christians spend an inordinate amount of time and energy attacking persons instead of making substantive postings.
3. Some Christians create strawmen arguments and attack the stawmen, rather than deal with the real issues.
4. Some Christians imagine things.


[This message has been edited by rodahi (edited June 29, 2001).]

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