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Welcome, Peter Kirby.
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Sounds like Jesus was beamed back aboard the Mother Ship!
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Rodahi (sp?); Pardon me, I was not referring to you. I was referring to how the easy-reader bibles misinterpret. I am away from home and will get back later.

I borrowed "pesher" from Thiering ... but I already knew it. I try to distant myself from Thiering because she is not my primary source. Josephus (William Whiston) is. A fundie will cut and paste volumes of rebuttals about Thiering ... just watch.

A beginner lesson in pesher is the "12 year rule", that is, from Adam to Jesus (including Methusala) you have to add twelve years to their actual age to get a proper chronology. Once you solve one mystery another appears like the use of "many angels" and "many Pharisees" telling you that only Pharisees are angels (there is more to it). Simon Magus was a Pharisee chief priest and he was crucified with Christ and he was the angel in the cave.

I would enjoy more tips on pesher.
It may have been Smugg that gave me the tip about Noah's nakedness meaning his wife was uncovered. Jacob's son (his oldest) raped one of his stepmother's thus exposing Jacob's nakedness. Could Jacob and Noah be the same person? Saul's oldest son had forbidden sex (ate honey). Could this have been one of Saul's wives? I do not use the above as solid evidence, but a thought process I call pesher. I do know, without a doubt in my mind, that Qumran and Gallilee
are the same.

Gotta visit family,

later, offa

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