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Post Determing how valid the Gospels really are

Here are some dates that I found for the origins of the 4 Gospels.

Matthew 80 - 100 ad
Mark 60-70 ad
Luke 70-80 ad
John 95 ad

I don't know accurate they are, but from what I have heard over and over again, is that the first of the Gospels is pretty much unanimously agreed to have been written around 30 to 40 years after Jesus' death (the gospel according to Mark) and the last (the gospel according to John) is believed to have been written towards the end of the first century.

Also, it seems pretty well established that Matthew and Luke were using Mark as a source for their texts.

Anyone who has read the Gospels knows that some events are mentioned in some, and some are excluded in others. some say the rock at Jesus' tomb was moved by an earthquake, and others don't even mention it. Hell, the Gospel of John doesn't even mention anything about a birth.

And also, I have read that most scholars don't consider any of the 4 gospel writers to be eyewitnesses to Jesus' death. So I guess I want to hear if anyone has any evidence that any of the Gospel writers were at Jesus' death, and if any of these dates are too late. Beacuse if this information is all true, then I see no reason to hold the Gospels as accurate evidence for the life and times of Jesus.
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Hello PBB

As it happens, I have started a thread on this question in this forum. It is called Redating the Books of the New Testament and I hope that a number of your questions can be answered there. At the same time, any questions or comments you might have relating to this subject are also welcome, and I would be most interested in finding out what sources you have researched to date.



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