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Post What happened to "The Christ of Daoist Alchemy"?

This is the web adress for it:
However it just comes up blank on my screen.

Could somebody cut/copy/paste it here if they have access to it? I wanna read it.

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I've notified the administrator of the relevant server and we will try to have the article restored. Sorry for the difficulties!

== Bill
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I'd say someone gave you a broken url. There is no article by that number in the database. However, if you know the title or some keywords, the search engine will find it. Hope this helps.


[Ah, when I wrote the above I didn't read the subject line. Yes, I remember that article but it's not in the database. One of our editors may have deleted it on accident. If I don't have it locally, I'll contact the author to fetch another copy of it. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.]

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