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For the New Testament, you might consider Richmond Lattimore's translation (if it's still in print). Lattimore was a highly respected Greek scholar and translator; for example, his translation of the Odyssey is remarkable in its simultaneous readibility and adherence to the original grammar and construction. (Which makes it an excellent crib, as well. <g> )

I've read many Bible translations in my former life as a Christian and I've read parts of the NT in Greek (and Latin) in my days as a classics student. In this translation, Lattimore strives to keep as close to the Greek as possible. I have confidence in his credentials as a scholar. While I can't speak to his personal beliefs, I rather doubt his translation has a religious bias.

Anyone else care to comment on this text?

Book info:
The New Testament
Translated by Richmond Lattimore
North Point Press
ISBN: 0-86547-524-5

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It's still in print, but distributed in very small quantities. Amazon or a brick-and-mortar bookstore could special order it.

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