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Post Do the religious have a mental defect?

As atheists, most of us are aware of the many problems that are present in religion and the idea of a supreme being. Such problems include the old arguments of evil and the contradictions in the bible.

Well, I simply cannot understand how the theists do not see these problems inherent in their belief. When they read the bible, how can they not recognize a contradiction when they come across one? How can they not see the problems with the idea of what they call a loving creator and the evils of the world? I know the problem of evil is an old argument, but I believe it still has it's bearings when confronting Christian belief.

While I understand that some Christians may recognize these problems, those that do seem to beome apologists. In this case, why do they still fight to protect their belief? Can't they simply accept the problems in their belief, and accept a secular life? Perhaps, religion fuels some of their basic needs so they cannot accept rejection of religion?
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